Wriggle Room

I want to speak briefly today about the calling the Lord has placed on your life. I have heard some preachers deem individual callings to always be connected with the passions, talents and natural inclinations of the particular person in question. This is most often the truth, but not always. At the end of the day, the Lord must speak to your heart about your purpose in the manner only He can – a still, small voice that shakes the soul with conviction and intensity. When the Lord called me to crusade evangelism in Africa, my initial reaction was that of a deer in headlights. Such was completely opposite to – what I thought – were my personality and interests. Crusade meant dust and roughing it, while I preferred conference centres and five star. Crusade meant open air and very often, clammy heat, while I preferred indoors and aircon. Crusade preaching meant simplicity and passion, while I leant towards academia and poise. And yet, the Lord having created me, knew exactly who I was and what I was designed to accomplish – even though I did at first not understand it myself. Becoming a crusade evangelist took some getting used to. It was like a wetsuit or pair of tight jeans perfectly tailored to fit me. To get such on however, required a little wriggling. And so, I wriggled, until crusading became all I dreamt about, thought about or desired – and still do. It stole my heart. It became who I am. Dear friend, perhaps the Lord has likewise called you to something you feel does not fit. It does fit, I can promise you that. He made you for such a purpose. Perhaps, a little wriggling may be required. However, once you are in, that calling will fit you like a glove. A glove created by God, just for you.


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