I was asked one day by a certain pastor, whether I am “good at healing”. To be honest, I am quite dreadful at it. On my very best day I could not heal a fly even if I tried. But – and this is a big but – the Holy Spirit abiding within me is the most spectacular miracle-worker you have ever encountered! I pray, He heals. That, is how it works! Dear friend, let us never become confused about who is responsible for what. Our responsibility is to pray for the sick in the matchless name of Jesus. It is the Spirit’s responsibility to jump in and work the miracle. The power is not ours. We are merely the power carriers, the wiring through which He moves. I am always amazed when men and women of God become boastful and arrogant. For, if one truly understands how the relationship between the believer and Holy Spirit works, humility comes quite naturally.


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