Makuleke, South Africa // 6-12 OCT 2014

Be blessed by the daily reports from our Makuleke Gospel Crusade below. Such took place in Limpopo, South Africa from 6 – 12 October 2014.

DAY 1 and 2: The first two nights of our crusade have been nothing short of glorious. Waves of redemption and healing have flooded this precious South African village; men and women, young and old coming out in force to encounter the God who saves. Manganyi (20) accepted Jesus as Lord yesterday evening. Tonight, her newfound Saviour touched her mightily, delivering her of a year-long chest ailment. Weeping on stage, she could not contain her joy. “I could not breathe properly,” she explained, “at night, I struggled to sleep. During prayer, I felt something moving out of my chest. Now, I am well, completely healed! I want to change from my old style of living. I want to live for Jesus.” Lettie (67) leaped on stage, testifying of being delivered from the arthritis that had plagued her for the past three years. “I experienced the power of God,” she shared, “I began shaking all over. Then, the pain disappeared. I can work again now, I feel so light and able.” Hallelujah!

DAY 3: Tonight, the wonders continued. Hands were raised high to accept Jesus as Saviour (see pic), our new Tsonga audio CDs an absolute hit with the older generation as an alternative to the English follow-up booklet. Each new convert received one or the other, upon their details being collected. Testimonies quickly followed after prayer for the sick. Mdlayi (70) had struggled with a problematic knee for the past two years. “I could not walk properly,” she explained. “During prayer, I felt something moving in my leg. Now, I can dance – I am so happy!” Evalyn (53) has suffered a stroke over a year ago that badly affected the right side of her body. “I felt things coming out of me,” she explained, “from the moment I put foot on the crusade field. Now, I am feeling very fine. I love God. I am so grateful.” Tomorrow morning we begin with our Fire Conference. Thank you for your continued prayers, Makuleke is being saved!

DAY 4: This morning, our Fire Conference kicked-off to a glorious start. Come evening, the wave of salvation continued. I preached on the Samaritan woman in John chapter 4, explaining all the wonders of the gift of eternal life. Soon, the altar was packed with men and woman eager to receive it – a magnificent sight. After prayer for the sick, precious old ladies danced on stage one after the other. “I could not do anything, I could not bend at all,” voiced elderly Mamalia, speaking about her chronic back pain. “I felt the power of God tonight. I am healed!” Phephu (65) likewise rejoiced, delivered from four years of paining legs, stomach and waist. “I am a farmer,” she explained, “but all these pains made work impossible. I was sick and tired of going to doctors, this crusade was my last option. Now, I am healed – the pain is gone!”

DAY 5: “The Holy Spirit must come down and Africa will be saved!” Such serves as the punchline of my most favourite song, a chorus which rose heavenward tonight as we celebrated yet another floodtide of salvation. Miracles backed the message, 42-year-old Charlotte being delivered from a migraine that had persisted for six long months. “I struggled to sleep, I felt so weak,” she explained. “During prayer, a warmth spread all over my body. Tonight, I experienced that God heals without using something like ashes and water.” Amen! The name of Jesus needs no frills or fluff, it is – all by itself – the power of God Almighty. Tomorrow morning, we conclude our Fire Conference, such promising to be a finale of red-hot proportions.

DAY 6: Today is my birthday – and what a birthday it has been! Holy chaos broke out at both our final Fire Conference service and crusade meeting, as we prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Our team bore witness as both young and old were utterly overwhelmed by His presence and power. A cacophony of new tongues rose heavenward, as our Jesus saturated His children for service and anointed them for action. Ngobeni, at the tender age of 14, had encounter after encounter with God. First, she gave her heart to Jesus. Then, she was filled with the Holy Spirit. “I prayed in Heaven’s language for the first time,” she testified, struggling to compose herself as she shook under the anointing. Tsietsi (35) was wondrously healed. “I had a stroke on my right side eight months ago,” he explained. “I could not even bend my arm. During prayer for the baptism, my arm felt like it was being stretched. Now, I feel so good, I can move it perfectly!” Also having accepted Christ as Lord just a few nights ago, Tsietsi is rejoicing. Hallelujah! Tomorrow night, we conclude.

FINAL DAY: Testimony followed testimony today, as our crusade reached a wondrous conclusion. Both young men and old ladies rejoiced together, bearing witness to the greatness of God! Nkuna (62) accepted Jesus on Friday evening as her Lord and Saviour. Tonight, she was set free from more than twenty years of debilitating pains in her stomach and back. “I was unable to work and battled to sleep,” she explained. “The power of God felt like heat in my body. The pain is gone – I can do all the things I could not do before.” Nkuna bent and twisted on stage, even sitting down and rising again with evident glee, showing the crowd what Jesus had done for her. Hallelujah! The local pastors are delighted. They will now get to work following up the few thousand decision cards that have been completed. Please pray for them and the new converts. Makuleke has been shaken by the Gospel – as only the Gospel can!

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