The Name Above All Names

YHWH: יהוה

In Matthew 8, we read about how Jesus healed the servant of a certain centurion. The story is a
fantastic one, causing Jesus to give this Roman leader the compliment of all compliments:

“Assuredly, I say to you, I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel!”

It is interesting how the centurion did not once use the term “believe” in his correspondence with Jesus. Yet, Jesus commended his faith. What the centurion did address however – and very adamantly – was his firm conviction that Jesus was a mighty authority figure in the spiritual realm. Paul speaks about the name of Jesus being above any other name (Phil 2:9). Before these words had even been written, this centurion had that revelation. What can we derive from this? Faith, dear friend, has less to do with worked-up emotions and more to do with a deep, heartfelt understanding of who Jesus really is.

When we truly grasp that our Lord is the ultimate and unshakable authority, faith comes quite naturally. Our salvation was a result of having a revelation that Jesus is the Redeemer of this world and could be our Redeemer, personally. However, this is where the faith of many believers stop. They believe that Jesus has saved them from sin and eternal judgement because they have had this revelation. Yet, He saves His children from more than just sin and hell. Our Lord is the supreme authority over ALL that is dark and oppressive, whether sickness and lack or depression and addiction. He is Healer, Provider and Deliverer. Do you have a revelation that He is all these to you, dear believer? This is why the Bible teaches that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17). Scripture teaches who Jesus is towards us. As our understanding of Him grows, so does our faith. Mediate on Scriptures regarding His healing power and your heart will be flooded with the revelation that He is Healer. Mediate on Scriptures regarding His chain-snapping might and your soul will sing with a deep knowing that He is Deliverer. Mediate on Scriptures regarding His all-providing, never-forsaking nature and your being will rejoice with the realisation that He is Provider. How marvellous!

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