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We have created a winning combo in the form of a soul-winning combo, consisting of wristband and tract. 


Many believers do not share the Gospel because they are unsure how to explain it.

Our wristbands break the Good News down into a six simple steps, each represented by a different icon. These icons help the believer explain the Gospel in a simple and straightforward manner, ensuring that the most important points are mentioned. When sharing about Jesus with an unbeliever, the Christian can go through the icons with them one at a time, taking them on a journey to salvation. 

The wristbands can be used during outreaches or worn daily. When worn daily, they serve as a constant reminder to witness. They also serve as a reminder of the Gospel one has believed and why one is a child of God. For this reason, these wristbands also make a great gift for new converts.



We have designed a tract in the form of a double-sided flyer that can be used apart from or together with the wristband.


Side 1 of the flyer features the first five icons used on the wristband, together with an explanation of each.


Side 2 of the flyer features the sixth icon, together with a few more additional symbols to explain how the new convert can grow in their newfound relationship with God. There is also a blank section where a church can enter their own contact details, physical address and service times.


The design file for the tract is available for free download in both full colour and black and white versions. Churches, ministries and private individuals are welcome to download the file and print it. Small packs of physical, full colour flyers can be purchased or larger orders can also be placed with us.  

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