The Sin Secret

I have been asked before whether it is absolutely necessary to mention sin, when sharing the Gospel. It seems many feel it is better to stroke the listener rather than reveal anything that may cause them discomfort. Dear friend, listen to me. It is absolutely impossible to minister the Gospel without bringing up the sin issue. Why? Well, sin is the problem and salvation, the solution. How will people ever turn towards the solution if they do not know there is a problem? Sin separates us from God. The awesome holiness of our Creator means that sin cannot exist in His presence. Consequently, reconciliation with Him is impossible without the removal of our sin. And, only Jesus is able to do the job! Mentioning that no-one is without sin will never be offensive if done in the right manner. Nobody in their right mind could ever admit that they are perfect. When pointed out in love, the sin problem quickly becomes less of a problem and more of a catapult into the arms of Christ. We must realise our need for salvation before we can accept it. Realising that need is the first step towards eternal life.

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