Salvation Joy

In the opening verse of Isaiah 51, God pleads through the prophet for His people to look to the hole of the pit from which they were dug. It was a plea for them to remember their origins and redirect their eyes towards their Maker. It was a call for them to consider how devoted and faithful He had been towards them from generation to generation. Today, I ask you to likewise consider your origins. I speak not of your biological ancestry, but the moment you were born-again, becoming a child of God. What pit did He pull you from? What dungeon of despair did He deliver you out of? So often, believers become spoilt and self-centred, only praising the Lord if He jumps to meet their every whim and fancy. Have you become bitter and selfish, despising your Saviour because He has not granted your latest request? Dear friend, consider the magnitude of your salvation. Heaven is your destination, everlasting life in your possession. If Jesus were to do nothing more for you, His saving you from eternal damnation should be enough to ensure that praise proceeds out of your mouth each day and every day forever and forever. Today, thank him and thank him again, allowing the joy of your salvation to bubble afresh!


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