Our Purpose

In His Name Ministries is an evangelistic organisation with a dual focus –


IHN is dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ across Africa and the world through the holding of mass crusades. Our crusades are held over a minimum of five consecutive evenings, with many accepting Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour following a clear and fervent articulation of the Gospel message. The sick and oppressed are prayed for in each service, testimonies quickly following of both miraculous healings as well as mighty deliverances from demonic-attacks. These meetings are held in partnership with local churches, such being responsible for following-up new converts and discipling them in their relationship with their newfound Lord. With a decision-card being filled in for each convert, IHN does its utmost to ensure that every new believer is properly followed-up.


IHN is passionate about inspiring and equipping the Body of Christ for their own soul-winning efforts through the delivery of powerful teachings focused on evangelism and the empowering work of the Holy Spirit. In fact, we couple each crusade with a Fire Conference held over three mornings of the crusade week. The purpose of such a conference is to give believers extensive teaching on the Holy Spirit and evangelism, while prayer for the baptism in the Holy Spirit in the final session fully empowers them to do the work of God. Indeed, one evening of each IHN crusade is also dedicated not only to proclaiming the Good News and praying for the sick, but also to presenting a short yet powerful teaching on the Holy Spirit, and praying for the baptism in the Holy Spirit for all those who desire to receive this glorious gift.

Such teachings are also presented upon invitation to conferences, church meetings, seminars and the like, as well as through media channels, from broadcast and print to web-based initiatives.  Please browse through the flyer below, to read more about how we can assist your local church.

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