Nwamitwa, South Africa // 23-29 MAR 2015

From 23 – 29 March, we preached the Gospel in Nwamitwa, a rural village located in the Limpopo province of South Africa.

DAY 1 & 2: The dust rises, voices are lifted heavenwards – and another crusade is underway! The week is still young and we are already two days into our second crusade for 2015. The lost are encountering the Risen Saviour with eager enthusiasm, the sick are being healed by the Great Physician and the oppressed gloriously set free by the Master Chain-Breaker. Yes indeed, our Jesus is all these and more! One young lady was on her way to commit suicide, when she walked past some crusade posters. “A voice told me that I needed to attend,” she explained. Giving her life to Jesus, this precious girl was completely delivered from the hopelessness and depression that had plagued her. Sarah (50) has suffered a stroke and was, in her own words, “very sick”. Accepting Christ yesterday as her Saviour, she came forward tonight for prayer. “I feel so good now, all the pain is gone,” she exclaimed. “I thank God very much because He has made my life better.”

DAY 3: The action continues here in rural Nwamitwa, the Holy Spirit being hard at work. I preached on the sickness of sin, both young and old keenly calling upon the iniquity-abolishing name of Jesus. Prayer for the sick and oppressed resulted in mighty miracles. Sophie (79) had been unable to see for the past six years (see pic below of lady in blue). “When I came here, I couldn’t see. Now, I can see!” she testified. “I am so excited. I really appreciate what God has done in my life.” Linda (47) had been unable to walk for the past eleven years. “I am healed!” she exclaimed. “I thank God very much. Now I can walk because of the blood of Jesus.” Indeed Linda, you are spot on. There is chain-cracking, marvel-manifesting, wonder-working power in the blood of the Lamb!

DAY 4: Tonight, we began with our double sessions. First, a red hot Gospel message. Second, a fire-filled Holy Spirit teaching. Tomorrow and Saturday these back-to-back preachings shall continue, culminating in prayer for the baptism – how exciting! My salvation message centered around the Samaritan woman in John chapter 4. Jesus spoke to her about “the gift of God” – which she duly received. How many did likewise tonight, gentlemen and ladies streaming forward to accept the matchless gift of eternal life! As always, the details of each were collected and follow-up material given (see pic). Prayer for the sick resulted in testimony after testimony, one young lady in particular bearing witness to her deliverance from a horrible skin allergy. “My body was always itching, I struggled to sleep. I went to the clinic, but they could not help me. I thank God very much for what He has done for me.” Demonic activity was likewise dealt with as hands were laid on the oppressed, those filthy spirits being cast out in the name of Jesus. Hallelujah!

DAY 5: Tonight, our Jesus continued to pour Himself out on the precious people of Nwamitwa. Souls were saved, bodies healed and lives forever changed. In fact, far beyond the crusade field itself, people are experiencing His intervention. The daughter of one woman who has been attending, was completely healed whilst awaiting an operation at a local clinic. The operation is no longer needed. How marvellous! Bridget (25) testified how on arriving home after one of the services, the Holy Spirit cautioned her not to stay in the house. On calling her neighbours for assistance, they arrested a man who was hiding under her bed armed with a knife. Yes indeed, the Lord is showing Himself strong in this Limpopo village! In fact, Bridget was healed tonight as well. Having been diagnosed with tuberculosis of the lungs two years ago, discomfort in her chest had become a constant. “That pain is now gone!” she voiced. “I thank Jesus. I am no longer a sick person.” Mrs Moatle (47) had been suffering from a terrible soreness in her womb since 1985. “It felt like there was something pulling inside of me,” she testified. Touched by the power of God, she is now completely pain-free. Overwhelmed, she exclaimed, “My life has changed because of this crusade.”

DAY 6: Fire! Fire! Such is the only way to aptly describe tonight. After Samuel, our Crusade Director, shared the Gospel, I preached a final message on the Holy Spirit before we prayed for the baptism. The chaos that broke out was magnificent. Men and women, young and old were utterly overcome by His Spirit. Testimony followed testimony of fire-filled encounters. Maria (52) was one of many who shared her experience with us. “As the evangelist started praying for the baptism, I shouted ‘Hallelujah! Hallelujah!’ and then found myself lying on the floor speaking in other tongues. I am so happy. This crusade has changed my life.” Young Pretty (18) had suffered from a swollen stomach since her birth, that make her look as if she was heavily pregnant. After two operations, there was no change. The doctors could not discover what was wrong. Tonight, her stomach became perfectly flat. Well-known in the village, the crowd reacted ecstatically to her healing. In addition to this miracle, Pretty was also filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in her heavenly language for the first time. How marvellous!

FINAL DAY: Our crusade ended with one final floodtide of salvation and deliverance. What a glorious night it was! I preached on the adulteress woman in John chapter 8. Many responded to the salvation invitation. The pastors are rejoicing – and us with them. Their follow-up of each and every precious individual begins tomorrow. Do keep them in your prayers. After hands were laid on the sick, an enthusiastic queue formed to testify. Graca (52) had suffered several strokes some time ago which left her unable to see or even speak. Tonight, the Lord healed her completely, restoring both sight and speech. What a mighty miracle! Linda (47) had been unable to walk without assistance since 2004 due to severe arthritis throughout her body. “The Holy Spirit has healed me,” she exclaimed. “I can walk without a crutch, He is my number one! I will now be able to look for work. I can even do my gardening.” Tonight, we also prayed blessings over the area, breaking the powers of darkness and burning many witchcraft fetishes that new converts had relinquished. We love you Nwamitwa. You are in our hearts and in our prayers!

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