All You Need

The baptism of the Holy Spirit is all you need in order to be fully used by God. No other experience is necessary. “You shall receive power,” Jesus declared, speaking to His disciples about this hell-shattering experience (Acts 1 v 8). Of course, God spoils us with His presence and touch countless times throughout our earthly lives. Some encounters are quite dramatic, others sweetly subtle. However, it is the baptism that infuses us with power, the baptism that saturates us with God Himself. Every post-baptism encounter merely reaffirms the wondrous fact that we are vessels of fire, created by hands of fire, for works of fire. I have witnessed believers hopping from conference to conference seeking some fresh touch. “If only I could experience this, if only I could experience that,” they say, “then I can be used by God.” Dear friend, if you are filled with the Holy Spirit then all that is missing is you matching His power with your action. Combine these two and what do you get? Salvation. Healing. Deliverance.


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