Whole Magazine Article – “Miracle-Working Firepower”

In Acts chapter 5, we read of the sick being healed simply by coming into contact with the shadow of Peter: “…they brought the sick out into the streets and laid them on beds and couches, that at least the shadow of Peter passing by might fall on some of them…and they were all healed.”

Now, it was not the shadow that sent those illnesses running for cover, but rather the threat of who cast it. After all, a shadow is not threatening unless the person coming after it can pack a punch.

Who was this person? None other than a born-again, Spirit-filled child of the Most High God!

The Holy Spirit was burning with such heat on the inside of Peter that the sicknesses sensed the coming of that divine inferno and decided to make a dash for safer pastures before they were burned!

Dear friend, we serve a God of miracle-working firepower. He is well able to dispel whatever dark thing is tormenting you.

Today, believe in Him! The testimony below, given at one our crusades by Elizabeth Davis, will inspire you. What our Jesus did for Elizabeth, He can do for you.


Elizabeth gave her testimony with shy dignity. Spectacles perched on her nose and twinkling eyes peeking out beneath a beige woolen hat, she resembled the stereotypical grandmother – gentle and softly spoken, with a face wrinkled from decades of smiles and sorrows.

“My name is Sister Elizabeth,” she began, “and God healed me tonight.” A domestic worker by occupation, Elizabeth has spent her life scrubbing floors and polishing brass. For the past five years, a problematic knee had transformed her work into an agonizing challenge. Countless hospital visits could not identify the problem, and with finances scarce, Elizabeth was left to self-medicate with ice packs.

In addition, she had been dealing with a constant onslaught of migraines for the past four years. So aggressive were the attacks, that pain tablets offered no relief.

As the sole breadwinner for four children and eleven grandchildren, her poor health threatened more than her job: the livelihood of her entire family was at stake.

“Tough, tough, very tough” are the words she used to describe her situation.

Hearing of the upcoming crusade, her heart surged with hope. “I am going to ask God for a new body!” she had joked with the lady she works for. This was her prayer.

Bold, perhaps.

Audacious, maybe.

Impossible? Certainly not!

We serve a God of the impossible, who eagerly answers the heart cries of his children.

Finally the day came. As Elizabeth entered the crusade venue, her aching knee and throbbing head offered constant reminders of her great need. Although weak in body, her heart surged with faith.

Towards the end of the service, an invitation was made for those in need of healing to come to the front for prayer. One of many, Elizabeth came forward with keen expectancy.

She was prayed for – and the miracle happened.

Slowly, gently, the agonizing pain melted away. She bent her knee, she twisted her head. Both were perfect. Entirely perfect.

“God gave me a new body!” she exclaimed. “I asked God for a new body, and that’s what he gave me – a whole new body! God did a miracle in my life tonight. I can now use this testimony to bring other people to Jesus.”

One lady.

One miracle.

The livelihood of a family saved.

A community rejoicing.

Thank you precious Jesus, how wondrous You are!

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