Matsulu, South Africa

Be blessed by the daily reports from our Matsulu Gospel Crusade below. Such took place in Mpumalanga, South Africa from 7 – 11 May 2014.

DAY 1: The atmosphere is electric here in Matsulu, electric with expectation! What a floodtide of salvation we witnessed last night, precious men and women responding in great numbers to the call of salvation. See the pic below, of our follow-up tent packed to the brim, details being collected and booklets distributed. I preached on the sickness of sin, the blood of Jesus being the only remedy for this life-destroying disease. Prayer for healing wonderfully displayed our Lord’s liberating power. Lindiwe (31) had struggled with debilitating back pains for the past seven years. “I couldn’t work well, I was always tired,” she said. “During prayer, I experienced what felt like fresh air blowing against me, I felt so happy. Now, the pain is gone!” Sarah (78) had been reliant on crutches for many years, her legs “not working” – as she so aptly put it. “My legs work again,” she exclaimed. “I am free!” Also having accepted Jesus as Saviour, Sarah left delighted. The first service of our Fire Conference kicks-off shortly. Thank you for your prayers!


DAY 2: The salvation floodtide that began on our first night, continued flowing strong. The response to the Gospel message was overwhelming. How marvelous to witness men and women, young and old, throwing themselves into the arms of an ever-willing God! Miracles followed in hot pursuit. Emma (61) sprinted up onto the stage, rejoicing. “I have not been able to walk properly for 23 years, the pain in my legs was so terrible,” she explained. “Now, the pain is gone! I can even run, I am free!” Thoko (43) was likewise jubilant. “For 17 years, my feet have been swollen and burning. During prayer, I felt the Holy Spirit all over me and something coming out of my body.” She kicked her legs with glee. “I am healed! I can walk properly, run, or even climb a mountain!” Our first Fire Conference service was red hot. We are excited to continue.

DAY 3: Our Jesus continues to work wonders, here in Matsulu! I preached on the Samaritan woman, explaining all the wonders of the matchless gift of salvation. A flood of humanity poured forward (see first pic), eager to receive such a priceless package. Both at our morning Fire Conference and evening crusade meeting, healing and deliverance flowed. Phindilenkosi (49) had suffered with a troublesome left ear from birth. She struggled to hear, the ear paining and oozing blood and puss. “The doctors tried but could not help me,” she said. “This is a miracle, my ear feels perfect, I am healed!” From womb problems to back, leg and chest ailments, testimony followed testimony. All glory be to our God, the spiritual temperature continues to rise!

DAY 4: Today, was a day of fire! Our Fire Conference came to a dramatic conclusion, as the fire fell, the tent in which it was held packed to capacity. Our evening crusade meeting provided the full package, with Samuel preaching the salvation message and I following thereafter with a message on the baptism of the Holy Spirit. People poured off the grandstand to be filled from on High – and filled they were! Deliverance and healing were the natural add-on benefits. “The Spirit of God came upon me with fire and I spoke in new tongues,” expressed Linah (63). “My life is going to change too much after this.” Sibongile (25) was likewise filled. “I spoke in tongues for the first time today. I feel the fire burning inside of me.” Sara (78) was set free from eight years of having to walk with the aid of a crutch. “I had such pains all over my body, walking was very difficult. I feel so good now, thank you God!” Hallelujah, we look forward to the final day.

FINAL DAY: Our crusade has come to a stunning end. While we are sorry to go, we rejoice over the multitudes of precious men and women who said “Yes!” to Jesus. As always, our Lord did not stop at salvation, but opened wide the prison doors of sickness, infirmity and oppression. Oh, how the captives were set free! Our morning Fire Conference raised up an army of soul-winners, those who will plunder hell and populate heaven, with signs and wonders following. The final night was glorious. Yet again, souls were saved, broken bodies healed and chains broken. The pastors are celebrating with us. Now, the hard work of follow-up begins, as new converts are drawn into local churches. Matsulu, we love you – and miss you already!

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