Matoks, South Africa // 4-8 DEC 2013

Be blessed by the daily reports from our Matoks Gospel Crusade below. Such took place in Limpopo, South Africa from 4 – 8 December 2014.

DAY 1: What a glorious first evening! Souls saved, bodies healed, lives eternally changed. “I am free!” testified 37-year-old Maggie. “I enjoyed the message, especially the part about the blood of Jesus being able to wash my sins away. I accepted Him as my Saviour today, I felt the deliverance power of God. I feel so happy, so blessed!” Healing testimonies followed in hot pursuit. “I feel so well,” explained elderly Rosinah. “My legs pained me non-stop for many, many years. Tonight, Jesus has transformed my life.” Hallelujah! Tomorrow morning, we kick-off our Fire Conference.

DAY 2: This morning, our Fire Conference began in fine fiery style. Samuel and I preached up a storm, delegates already eager to be filled with power from on high. The crusade this evening was glorious. In spite of the wind and rain, people came in great numbers, hungry for God. I preached on Isaiah 61, and the results were fantastic. The lost were saved and captives set free. Mathye, 27-years-old, went home rejoicing. For over a decade, she had suffered from severe backpain. “I am overwhelmed, the pain is gone! I feel like a new person,” she shared. Eric, 54-years-old, gave his life to Jesus last night. Having struggled against terrible body and chest pains for several months, he had visited the hospital multiple times. “I feel like running! I feel so well, so blessed.” Thank you for your prayers, God is on the move.

DAY 3: Tonight I preached on Luke chapter 15, taking the crowd on a little journey through the stories of the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son. How marvelous to see so many throwing themselves into the arms of Jesus! Miracles quickly followed. Moyahabo (28) had been suffering from constant chest pains for the past three months. “I felt like I was having a heart attack,” she explained. “During prayer, I experienced the fire of God. He has set me free, I am healed!” Betty (44) had struggled to walk for the past year, due to leg pains. “When I was being prayed for, I felt dizzy, like I was going to fall down. Now, the pain is gone! I thank God, my life has changed.” Our morning Fire Conference was likewise fantastic. Be blessed by the pic below, showing new converts in the follow-up tent giving their details and receiving an Arise and Shine booklet together with one of our newsletters.

DAY 4: Today was a day of fire! This morning, our conference concluded, in a red hot whirlwind of divine chaos. In the evening, the firestorm continued, with me preaching on the baptism of the Holy Spirit after Samuel brought the Gospel message. How wonderful to witness His children being anointed for service! Of course, in addition thereto, our Jesus continued saving and healing. Mamikkie (77) waved her crutch in the air and danced on stage. Having suffered from an arthritic knee since 1994, this precious old lady was entirely set free. “I felt the Holy Spirit all over me,” she said, “and my knee was healed immediately. I feel like jumping. I will worship the Lord everyday!” Tomorrow is our final service. Thank you for your prayers, we appreciate you very much!

FINAL DAY: What a grand finale! I preached on the Samaritan woman in John chapter 4, men and women streaming forward to accept Jesus as Lord. On asking them to bow their heads and follow me in the salvation prayer, I watched as they all took hands, quite spontaneously. Together, hand-in-hand, they became children of God (see pic). It was a special moment. On praying for healing, testimonies quickly followed. I remember in particular a middle-age gentleman, namedAbel. “I saw people coming to the crusade, and decided to come as well,” he shared. “I understood from the message that I need to be saved, so, I accepted Jesus. I work laying bricks, and my body has been so sore lately, I could not even bend. Tonight, Jesus healed me! I feel strong, flexible.” Abel bent and stretched on stage, quite delighted at what His newfound Saviour had done for him. Our Lord is wonderful, He holds nothing back from those who call on His name!

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