Lay It Down

In John 15 v 13, our Jesus shares with us how there is no greater act of love than the laying down of one’s life for one’s friends. The Lord was not only speaking here of His own sacrifice. He was not only speaking of the martyrs who would perish on various mission fields. He was speaking of you and me, dear friend, when we share with others who He is and what He has done for us. For, when doing so, are we not laying down our very lives? Are we not laying down ego, self-centeredness, self-regard and comfort, risking rejection, awkwardness and unpredictable consequences? We are indeed. In that moment, we die to self and live for Him who died to set us free. We cast aside the fear of man and embrace the love of God. The risk is worth the reward. For, the laying down of our selfish selves results in the catapulting of lives from darkness to light, hell to heaven. Hallelujah! Today, lay down your life. Bear witness of who He is. Allow His love to drive you onwards and proclaim to your world that Jesus saves!


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