Knowing Him

In Ephesians 1 v 17, the Apostle Paul prays that God would give believers the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. Note how he does not pray that they would know the will of God, but rather that they would have an intimate knowledge of God Himself. How often do we pray for guidance regarding His will when perhaps we should rather be seeking to know Him better? Surely, when we know Him, when we know His heart, then knowing what He wants will be quite logical. Perhaps you have been travailing in prayer asking for direction in a particular matter. My advice to you is this. Put your questioning aside and simply worship Him. Love Him and allow Him to love you in return. Read the Bible not for answers, but rather to grow your relationship with your Creator. Dear friend, in seeking to know Him, His will for your life or a situation in particular, shall become quite evident.


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