JOY! Article – “Reckless Faith”

Dear friend,

In both the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, we read the well-known story of the centurion’s servant being healed by Jesus. It is a memorable tale particularly because of the statement Christ made concerning the faith of this Roman leader: “Assuredly, I say to you, I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel” (Matthew 8 v 10). This, is a compliment indeed! What impressed Jesus so about his faith? It was, in short, of a reckless sort. So certain was the centurion of Christ’s authority and power, that he forbade him come even to his home. By doing so, the centurion risked complete failure. What if he was wrong, what if Jesus needed to touch in order to heal? His servant would perish. This was a risk indeed, a risk not many would have taken. However, this centurion was confident, wildly confident. He risked all and won all – not only a healed servant but a place in Scripture as the man whose faith exceeded even that of the apostles. Today, dear friend, I encourage you to believe. God is supremely powerful, awesomely able and desperately devoted to your wellbeing. You can believe in Him as recklessly as that centurion did, the miraculous being the end result of such tenacity.


What followed 25-year-old Bridget’s visit to one of our Majosi crusade services, is nothing short of miraculous. Upon arriving home that evening, she prepared to go to bed as usual, but was cautioned by the Holy Spirit not to stay in the house. “I heard a voice, it told me not to sleep in my bed,” she explained. “I was curious as to why I could not sleep in my own bed, so I looked around and found the window open, as if it had been broken,” she continued. “I ran to my neighbours next door and told them what I had seen and what I heard the voice telling me. They went next door and found a man with a knife under my bed and had him arrested. I know it was the Holy Spirit who warned me not to sleep in my room because I was going to be stabbed and killed,” she said. “I want to thank God that He intervened in whatever the devil was planning for my life – he did not succeed because of Jesus!” In addition, Bridget was also healed from tuberculosis, which had caused constant discomfort in her chest for two years. “I thank God that I am no longer a sick person. That pain is now gone!” Indeed, when Jesus shows up, miracles happen!

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