Our Helper

In John 15 v 26, Jesus introduced the Holy Spirit as our “Helper”. Now, a helper is one who assists, who aids, who comes alongside and supports the efforts of another. Note how our Lord did not refer to the Spirit as our “Replacement” or our “Substitute”. We do not leave the field when He comes on. He does not exit the game when we make an appearance. Rather, we labour TOGETHER with Him to win the lost and set the captives free! Now, He wants to do His part – but are you doing yours? He brings the power while you supply the vehicles He needs to get the job done. What vehicles are these? Nothing less and nothing more, than your voice and your hands. Such simple instruments, but, when combined with the might of Heaven, they become vessels of salvation, healing and deliverance. What a privileged position we are in that the Spirit of God is called our Helper. May we never let Him down – not for one moment, not for one day!



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