Heavenly Blueprint

Jesus set a pattern for us to follow. Yes, He prayed, but then, He acted. Prayer. Action. Prayer. Action. Such is the heavenly blueprint. Time and time again we read of our Lord separating Himself from disciples and crowd alike to commune with His Heavenly Father, only to exit His prayer closet fired up and ready for work. I wonder often if some believers are spending so much time on their knees to avoid getting practical. The latter is certainly more risky than the former, tempting rejection, failure, discomfort. However, our God requires both from His servants. It is the collaboration of the two – prayer and action – that will result in a salvation floodtide. After interceding for the lost, sick and suffering, we should witness to them, pray for them in person, help them. Work should always follow intercession. Once we have met with our God, we then meet with this world and make the introduction. Prodigal? Meet your Saviour. Broken? Meet your Healer. Lost? Meet your Redeemer. Rejected? Behold the Lover of your soul.



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