He is Risen

Our Heavenly Father does indeed urge His children to bring their needs before Him. He encourages the offering up of prayers and supplications for both themselves, families and others. When teaching His disciples to pray, Jesus Himself inspired the line, “Give us this day our daily bread” (Matthew 6:11). And yet, dear friend, as we celebrate Easter together, let our voices brim over not with requests – regardless how necessary and genuine – but with thanks, heartfelt, warm and earnest. If our Lord would never do one more thing for us, this thanks should never waver nor grow weary.

When our Jesus became the Lamb of God, such involved more than the mere sacrificing of His flesh to be bruised, ripped and beaten. Rather, it involved Him becoming that one thing detested by all of heaven. Sin. He became what He was not to save those He loves (2 Corinthians 5:21). He became every manner of perversion, violence and treachery to save those perverted, violent and treacherous. He became it and died as it, only for hell to discover that not even all the sin of the world could corrupt the Son of Righteousness. His righteousness prevailed, His perfection endured. Sin could not destroy Him but He destroyed sin. Hell could not hold Him, the grave could not consume Him. Our Jesus is alive and for those who believe in Him, death has lost its sting!

And so, dear friend, let us be thankful. Not merely over Easter, but rather each day, every day. Before we make our requests in prayer, let us always shower Him with grateful adoration. He is worthy, the Lamb of God. Worthy is the Lamb!


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