Going Nowhere

When John the Baptist described what he witnessed when Jesus was baptised in the Holy Spirit, he said the following: “I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and He remained upon Him” (John 1 v 32). Take note of that last phrase, “He remained upon Him.” As with Jesus, when you, dear believer, are baptised with the Holy Spirit, He remains both upon you and within you forever. Some suppose His presence ebbs and flows, depending on how much time we spend in the word and prayer. Not so. He remains firmly planted and always at the very peak of His power. Spending time with Him simply enables us to clear our heads of the noise of this world and hence be more sensitive to His promptings. Dear believer, perhaps you have strayed from your Lord, perhaps you have been neglecting Him. Do not fear. The Holy Spirit has gone nowhere and will go nowhere. Simply draw back into His presence. He is eager to welcome you home.


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