Fishers of Men

When Jesus asked certain fishermen to be His disciples, he said the following to them: “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”  (Mark 1 v 17). Now, a fisherman labours with purpose, he works with intent. Nobody catches fish by accident.  A net or a line must be thrown into the waters. So should believers be when fishing for souls. Witnessing is an intentional act. Sharing your testimony, offering to pray for someone, even just saying, “Jesus loves you,” is the spiritual equivalent of tossing a fishing line into the sea. It is the vehicle the Holy Spirit needs to catch a suffering soul and deliver them from darkness. Dear friend, are you throwing your line into the waters on a regular basis? Or, does your fishing rod remain ever inactive at your side regardless of the many opportunities? Today, make a decision to witness. Today, make a decision to truly be a fisher of men. Determined. Intentional. Effective. Labouring together with the Holy Spirit, setting the captives free.


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