Fire Conference Report: Maseru, Lesotho

The In His Name Team held a Fire Conference in Maseru, Lesotho, from 9 -11 August, 2012. Enjoy a short daily report straight from the conference grounds.

Thursday, 9 August, 2012 

Maseru is hungry for crusade! The Fire Conference kicked off this morning to a glorious start, our team being received with open arms by the pastors of Lesotho. My message on the Holy Spirit was met with great enthusiasm, all eager to begin planning for next year’s Gospel Crusade. Tomorrow and Saturday we continue, empowering and equipping leaders for the work at hand.

Friday, 10 August, 2012 

This morning was glorious. With the Holy Spirit being so eager to move, miracles were “popping up like popcorn” as Ps. Bonnke likes to say! “I have been struggling with severe hip and back pains for 7 months,” testified a certain pastor. “Now, the pain is gone!” Bending and stretching, he gave glory to God. Samuel and I both preached up a storm – a firestorm! All are excited for tomorrow when we pray for the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus, let Your fire fall!

Saturday, 11 August, 2012 

The final service of our Maseru Fire Conference exploded yesterday morning with Holy Spirit fire. “I have caught a vision from In His Name” one pastor said. “A vision that every nation must be won for Jesus! I leave today changed, transformed!” “The fire has been stirred within me,” declared another, “I am ready to give the devil a good kick!” Committees have been elected for our upcoming Maseru Gospel Crusade. Such excitement. Such expectation.

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