Faith Walk

Romans chapter 5 begins by declaring the believer to be justified by faith. It then continues to say that the believer has access by faith into the grace of God. While we begin our Christian walk through faith, we are to continue it in faith. Believing for salvation and accepting Jesus as Lord is only the beginning. Thereafter, we are to continue applying our faith in order to live a victorious life. The devil is on the warpath, eager to discourage and intimidate the children of God. We must battle Him in return. Satan is afraid of one thing – faith.  Faith frightens the devil! Why? Simply because, it is through the channel of faith that the power of God is able to flow. Believing may feel simple, but, in the spiritual realm, it is akin to dynamite. As we enter into a new year, make a conscious decision to BELIEVE. Believe in the promises found in the word of God, believe in His desire to use your life for His glory. Live day by day from faith to faith. In this way, you will become all that your Lord has created you to be!

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