FIRE NIGHT: Atlantis

Cape Town is currently fifteenth on the list of the most violent cities in the world, due to its homicide rate. It is the most violent city in South Africa. This is where Tamryn makes her home, together with her husband, André. The Lord placed a vision on her heart to team up with two other Cape Town based evangelists (Edward Ackerman and Herman Snell) and hold one night crusades in the most crime-infested areas of the city, when home from crusading in other parts of Africa. The evenings are not branded with the name of any evangelistic ministry. Rather, the three evangelists share the platform together as a show of unity, declaring that if the Body of Christ pulls together, any city – regardless how violent – can be saved! On these evenings, the Gospel is preached and an altar call for salvation made. Healing and deliverance are prayed for. Also, the baptism of the Holy Spirit and how to be used mightily by Him is taught on and prayed for. The evenings are called FIRE NIGHTS and are both for the unbeliever and believer. All leave in love with Jesus and on fire for our God! The details of those saved during these meetings are naturally collected and passed on to local pastors for follow up.

FIRE NIGHT: Atlantis will be held on Friday, 22 March at Saxonsea Primary School from 18:00.


Mar 22 2019


06:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Saxonsea Primary School

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