Easter Conference, Harare, Zimbabwe

Harare, Zimbabwe

What a glorious time we had in Harare! Having been invited to minister by local churches at an Easter Conference from 22 – 24 April, I was eager to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord together with the people of Zimbabwe. Behind the constant political drama, the men and women of this beautiful nation continue to persevere. Their love for Christ is indeed humbling. In the midst of turmoil, they smile and rejoice with genuine gratitude and sincere devotion. It was a great joy to celebrate Easter together with them.


On the Friday evening, I ministered on the urgency that underlies our obligation to preach the Gospel message. Indeed, TODAY is the day of salvation – and the redemption of this world is dependent upon our willingness to spring into action! Such was followed up on Saturday by a service designed to equip the saints for these acts of evangelism. What else can empower the believer, if not the glorious baptism of the Holy Spirit? Yes indeed, such a baptism was both taught on and then prayed for, with the results being reminiscent of the day of Pentecost. Praise be to Jesus – He certainly is the Baptiser of the Holy Spirit and fire!


On the final day of the conference – such being Easter Sunday – I preached on the blood of Jesus. Certainly an appropriate topic for a day on which we celebrate the victory of Christ over sin and death! It was a message that centred around the freedom the Christian has because of the sacrifice and resurrection of our Saviour, this freedom needing to be embraced with wholehearted determination. For, how can a Christian set the captives free if that believer is under the misconception that they are still captive themselves? Such would certainly make the fulfilment of the Great Commission an arduous task! It was a glorious final service, with the delegates starting off home to their various towns and villages being both empowered for soul-winning and firmly reminded that in Christ Jesus, they can encounter any challenge – and overcome!

To our partners, thank you for your prayers and support. Your faithfulness has enabled us to be a blessing and encouragement to the people of Zimbabwe, a nation very much in need of the love and friendship of its neighbours. A happy Easter to you all, may God richly bless you!

Together, let us continue preaching the extravagant Christ!

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