Dream Big

In Jeremiah 33 v 3, God spoke the following words to His prophet: “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” Our God does not know how to play it small. Having created us in His own image, the desire to impact and achieve lies likewise within our own hearts. Children do not need to be taught to dream. Dreaming comes naturally. As they grow older, the influences of circumstances and society in general turn daydreaming into cynicism and big thinking into mere survival. I am all for logic, I am all for wisdom, but as believers our wisdom is not of this world. God instructs His children to do the impossible and then makes the impossible possible. When He is involved, the illogical becomes logical and the improbable probable. Dear friend, what vision has the Lord laid on your heart to pursue? Have you cast it as a pipedream, something too grand and lofty to be achievable? Listen to me, you are a child of God. Your achievements were never meant to be small. Quite the contrary. They were meant to be glorious! God is eager to achieve such through you. Simply obey His voice and start moving forward, one wondrous step at a time.


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