Nwamatatani, South Africa // 30 NOV – 4 DEC 2016

Ev. Tamryn and our team were on crusade in Nwamatatani, South Africa from 30 November – 4 December.

DAY 1: We are off to a marvellous start in this isolated, rural, village community in the Limpopo province of South Africa. The Shangaan people are responding to our Jesus in a wondrous fashion. Precious men and women, young and old are calling upon His matchless name for salvation, healing and deliverance, and, the results are fantastic! I preached on Isaiah 55 and the altar call for salvation was glorious. Prayer for the sick and oppressed resulted in many demonic manifestations and all manner of ailments being given the boot. Petrus (72) became a child of God tonight. He struggled with severe nearsightedness and pain under his feet. “I was unable to do my everyday duties,” he expressed. “During prayer, I felt the healing power of God. I can now see properly and my feet are pain-free. My life will change after this crusade.” Mawewe does not know her age except that she is very old. She likewise accepted Jesus this evening. This precious pensioner had suffered from pains in her legs, eyes and stomach for many years, her illnesses also disturbing her daily activities. Prayer resulted in perfect healing and an overjoyed Mawewe. “I feel so happy, so peaceful,” she expressed. “I thank the Lord for bringing the crusade to our village.” Hallelujah! Tomorrow night we continue.


DAY 2: Our hearts are rejoicing! It is hot here both in weather (35°C in the evening) and most importantly in spiritual temperature. Our Jesus continues to move magnificently. I preached tonight on John chapter 3 and the matchless miracle of being born again. So many responded. This is why we came. After sharing a short message on the Holy Spirit, we prayed for the sick. Miracles popped up like popcorn, precious elderly ladies jiving to the stage with contagious joy. “Look at me, I can see!” exclaimed 70-year-old Patmoni. “I was blind but Jesus has opened my eyes. I am able to see now. I was unable to do anything but now I will do everything I used to do.” Hallelujah! Nbode (80) had suffered from such pains in her stomach and legs that she battled to sleep at night. “I have been unable to walk without a stick for many years,” she expressed. Completely healed, she demonstrated her newfound mobility on stage. “I thank the Lord who sent the evangelists here to our village.” Florah (43) received Jesus as Saviour this evening. She explained how her hands had felt withered and painful, this strange ailment making daily activities very difficult. After prayer, her hands are strong and pain-free. “I can see now that Jesus is Lord because He has healed me.” Bless you, Florah. He is indeed the Lord of lords!

DAY 3: This stunning rural community continues to respond to Jesus! Our Lord is giving out gifts in abundance. Gifts of salvation, healing and deliverance. I preached on the Samaritan woman (John 4) and explained how easy it is to receive the gift of all gifts: salvation. Our hearts were overwhelmed by the terrific response. I then taught again on the Holy Spirit, preparing the ground further for when we will pray for His baptism tomorrow night. Prayer for the sick resulted in a queue of eager testifiers. Jayela (63) had struggled with intense bladder pains and high fevers since the birth of her first child. Five children later, she was no better. Tonight, all that changed! Jayela is now free from all pain. “I thank God for healing me!” she exclaimed. Margreth (47) had fought mental ill health since 1985. Now, her mind is clear, her emotions joyous. “I have experienced the power of God,” she expressed. Testimony after testimony was heard from young and old, many bending and twisting on stage, demonstrating their newfound freedom. We even heard stories of healings that took place during the praise and worship, before the preaching started, before anyone was prayed for. This is glorious! The Spirit is so present here, He is wonderfully eager to get the job done.

DAY 4On Saturday evenings of our crusades, I always preach one final teaching on the baptism of the Holy Spirit before we pray for the fire to fall. This evening was no exception. After Ev. Samuel Murrombe proclaimed a red-hot Gospel message to which the crowd responded too beautifully, I took the stage and presented some pivotal points. Praying for the baptism is always a chaotic affair. The Spirit saturates without holding anything back. Men and women were first overwhelmed by Him and then overflowed with Him. It was glorious! One precious woman had travelled almost 500km to attend the service. She left rejoicing, speaking in her heavenly language for the first time. So many healing testimonies were heard, people being delivered of ailments that had plagued them for ten years, twenty years and more. An elderly Masekani (62) had not been able to use her right arm for fifteen years, it hung limp at her side. During prayer for the baptism, she heard something in her arm crack followed by the return of all movement. Hallelujah! What a happy mama she was, jiving for joy, the crowd dancing with her (see pic). Nomsa (36) had come to our crusade with a hand and wrist that were incredibly painful and swollen. During prayer, she suddenly felt her watch loosen on that arm. Looking down, she saw it had returned to its normal size and all pain had disappeared. Yes indeed, our Lord is at work here! We have one more night to go.

FINAL DAYOur crusade came to a mighty conclusion this evening with one more fantastic floodtide of souls saved and captives set free. Phenias (69) accepted Jesus as his Saviour during our crusade. After suffering a stroke in 2012, he had relied upon a crutch to walk and was unable to use his left arm and hand. This evening he testified, moving that limb with ease, his crutch resting unused by his side. Mthavini (76) had battled to walk for the past two years. “My legs felt heavy, like lead,” she explained. Now, this beautiful kokwana is completely healed. Testimony followed testimony, it was glorious. The chief addressed the crowd before I began preaching and his words touched me deeply. “Gone are the days in which we relied upon the witchdoctors,” he professed. “Now, we shall put our trust in Jesus.” Amen and amen! A pastor approached me and shared how so many elderly newcomers had attended his church this morning, all having accepted Jesus at this crusade. While many young people have accepted the Lord over these past days, the high number of older people has thrilled us. These have lived lives seeped in witchcraft and ancestral worship. Deciding publicly for Jesus is a serious business. As we left the crusade field, lightning flashed across the sky (see pic) and before we reached our accommodation, the rain began to fall. The Lord has been so faithful, blessing us with five nights of perfect weather. Thank you for your prayers in this regard. Thank you for your prayers overall. They have made this crusade a success, together with your generous giving and unwavering support. We love and appreciate you very much, our precious partners and friends, Nwamatatani has been won for our Saviour King!

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