Mudabula, South Africa // 30 MAR – 3 APR 2016

From 30 March – 3 April our team preached the Gospel in Mudabula, South Africa.

DAY 1: What a marvellous start we had here in Mudabula, South Africa! I preached on the disease called sin and the response to the altar call for salvation was fantastic. Young and old streamed forward eager to say “Yes!” to Jesus. Thereafter, we laid hands on the sick with wondrous results. Crutches were waved in the air as 64-year-old Chauke testified of being healed from persistent hip and knee problems further plagued by an unsuccessful operation. Now able to move about unaided, she left our service happy and free. Grace and Vlena, two ladies in their seventies, jived on stage with contagious delight. Both had struggled with debilitating leg pains for over a decade and both were entirely delivered from their torments. “I felt the pain going, I am so excited,” shared Grace. “I thank God for what He has done in my life,” shared Vlena. Hallelujah! What a mighty God we serve!


DAY 2: Another spectacular service, another harvest of lives forever transformed. I preached on the necessity of being born again and precious people flooded forward to experience just that. How marvellous! I then followed the Gospel message up with one on the Holy Spirit baptism, laying a foundation that shall be built on both tomorrow and Saturday nights, before we pray for all in attendance to receive this glorious gift. Prayer for the sick and deliverance resulted in mighty miracles and manifestations. Elderly Sambo came to the crusade blind and left seeing. “I was unable to do anything by myself,” she voiced. “During prayer, I felt my sickness running away.” Chasing me about on stage to prove her newfound sight, this beautiful grandmother is beaming with joy.

DAY 3: Last year, we had a crusade in Mulamula, a neighbouring village of Mudabula. When the pastors of Mudabula heard of the mighty move of God which took place during those meetings, they invited us to likewise impact their community. And, here we are! Ev. Samuel Murrombe, our Crusade Director, preached a red hot Gospel message with hell-emptying results. I followed with yet another message on the Holy Spirit. The people are already excited to be filled with power from on high and tomorrow night we shall pray for just that. Miracles manifested on the heels of the preaching. Eulen (34) had suffered from terrible arthritis since 2010. Weeping on stage, she shared how the power of God touched her in a mighty fashion during the prayer. Testing her joints, she found that the pain had entirely disappeared! Thembisa (70) had broken her leg in the year 2000. The limb never healed properly and she had walked with difficulty ever since. Tonight, Jesus touched her. Jubilant, she showed the crowd how freely she can now move. Hallelujah! Testimony followed testimony, what a mighty God we serve.DAY 4: During crusade week, Saturday nights are always fire nights and this evening was no exception! I kicked-off with a Gospel message on Isaiah 61, preaching on all the wonderful things Jesus would do for those who call upon His matchless name. The altar call was fantastic, we are rejoicing! Then, I presented one final message on the Holy Spirit before praying for the baptism. Divine chaos broke out as precious believers were saturated with His power, presence and personality, a torrent of new tongues rising heavenward. Hallelujah! Many were healed during this process, one lady in particular by the name of Eunice having been set free from a womb ailment she had suffered from for the past 22 years. “I was always in pain, I could not lift heavy things,” she shared. “Now, all pain is gone, I am not the same! I will worship God for the rest of my life.” Yesterday evening, I gave fellow evangelist, Pierre Oosthuizen, an opportunity to share for a few minutes and tonight, Evangelist Hein Strauss. Both did wonderfully.

FINAL DAY: What a splendid final push, what a terrific last night! I preached on the adulterous woman from John chapter 8, a story packed with Gospel-meaning. The response was glorious. We followed this up by burning all the witchcraft items people had tossed into a big metal drum set up by the stage for this purpose. Dancing around the drum as the items burned, people sang with jubilation. I spoke a blessing over the crowd, renounced evil spirits, broke curses and prayed for healing. One young lady in particular, Phologa, had not been able to hear out of her left ear since birth. Tonight, that ear popped open and she can hear perfectly. Hallelujah! The pastors will now follow up each and every new convert, a detailed decision card having been completed for each one. Let us pray for these precious new believers that they may grow strong in the Lord. Mudabula, we love you. Mudabula for Jesus!

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