I am beginning to think the Lord woos most people out of their comfort zones, in order to fulfil their God-given destinies. Some ministers tend to convince people that they should simply consider what they are good at or enjoy doing, when seeking His will for their lives. Not so for many – or even most. He transformed sea-loving fishermen into land-traversing preachers (Peter, John and co.). He turned a law-lover into a grace-preacher (Paul). He used a number-cruncher to write one of only four stories of His early life (Matthew). Be encouraged today if you are feeling wobbly, unprepared and not up to the task. The Holy Spirit thrives on wobbliness. It means you are an empty vessel, yielded to whatever He would have you do. Surrender. Give in. Step out. Leave comfort behind. Walk out upon the waters. Your wobbliness will soon find stability in Him, the Supreme Strengthener and Chief Comfort-Cracker of our souls!


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