The Channel

In 1 Peter 1 v 5, we read that the believer is “kept by the power of God through faith for salvation”. Note the word “through”. Kept by the power of God “through” faith. Faith is the channel, the conduit. Faith is the vehicle the power of God uses to bring the miraculous to pass. Do not underestimate the power of your faith, my friend. Choose to believe, make a conscious effort to believe. Faith is a choice, a decision, a determination. And I promise you, as you make this decided effort, the corresponding emotion will rise up within your heart. As you choose to believe, faith will swell higher and higher, stronger and stronger, until your soul bursts with expectation! Do you feel your prayers are not being answered? Perhaps, you are depriving God of His channel, the channel He needs to bring about the impossible. Pray and believe. You may be praying, but are you really believing? Make the choice today to consciously believe. What wonders will follow, as you open wide the channel for the power of God to flow!


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