Caring Comforter

When Jesus spoke about the chief activity of the Holy Spirit, He spoke of witnessing. “He will testify of Me,” our Lord declared (John 15 v 26). However, when He attributed a title to the Spirit of God, He did not call him “Great Witness” or “Mighty Testifier”. Rather, He called Him “Parakletos” which can best be translated as One Who Comes Alongside, Helper, Comforter (John 14 v 16). You see, while the Holy Spirit is indeed the Chief Witness sent from heaven, He needs the children of God to assist Him in His task. As we speak to people about Jesus and pray for them in His matchless name, the Holy Spirit can convict hearts of their need for salvation, He can break chains and set the captives free. Our speaking results in Him acting. Our praying results in Him working. Now, our loving Heavenly Father is quite familiar with just how easily the human heart can be discouraged, with just how tempestuous human emotions can be. Slave driving would break us, a hard hand would overwhelm us. The Holy Spirit is no nightmare boss, ranting and raving, fuming and seething. On the contrary, He woos us, His fellow labourers, into labouring together with Him. He reassures, edifies, encourages, appreciates. He picks us up when we stumble, He restores us when we break. He loves with an everlasting love, desiring not only to love us but to love through us, directing the lost into the arms of an ever-willing Saviour.


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