Called Alone

In Isaiah 51 v 2, God speaks through the prophet concerning Abraham. “I called him alone,” God declares, “and blessed him and increased him.” Today, I speak to those of you who have received instruction from the Lord to follow a specific path. He may have directed you to start a ministry, pursue a particular career path or make a life-changing decision.  Perhaps you are not receiving much support from those around you. Perhaps you are feeling quite alone. There are times when the Lord instructs us to do something that nobody else understands, neither pastor, parents nor friends. Now, I am all for wise counsel. But, if you have sought such counsel and the Holy Spirit still pushes you in a direction against what others are advising, then you must listen to His voice above all others. Even if you take those first few steps alone, be encouraged by what God spoke concerning Abraham: “I called Him alone and blessed him and increased him.” You may begin alone, but do not fear, you are all God needs to get something glorious going. Of course, He will bring others to support, guide and assist. In the meantime however, just you and the Holy Spirit make for an unbeatable team!


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