Abundant Life

In Psalm 88, the author thereof cries out to God, “Will You work wonders for the dead? Shall the dead arise and praise you?” Little did he know that he was prophesying, prophesying of the time that Jesus would come and raise the dead back to life. Now, am I speaking of Lazarus? Am I speaking of Jairus’ daughter or the son of the window from Nain? No. I am speaking of you and me. I am speaking of each and every born-again believer. The Bible is quite clear that before we accepted Jesus as Lord, we were dead in our sins. Not paralysed. Not incapacitated. Not tainted. But, dead. With no eternal life coursing through our veins, we were dead to God, alive only to Satan and his schemes. Dear friend, the moment you surrendered to Jesus and received the gift of everlasting life, you were – for the first time since your entry into this world – truly alive. Why? Well, you were reconciled with your Creator. After all, you were never designed to exist without Him! Existing without Him is just that – existing. But, existing with Him is living and doing that, abundantly.

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