Our world needs Jesus

Hatred. Violence. Greed. Despair. Fear

Only Jesus can shift feet off the highway to destruction.
Only Jesus can transform hearts and mend broken lives.
Only Jesus can reconcile us with God. Only Jesus.



Each year, In His Name holds five to six mass crusades in towns and villages across Africa. These open-air events are organised together with the local churches and held over a minimum of four days. While our generous donors enable In His Name to fund everything, pastors and believers labour with our team to market and plan the event over a period of several months. All this hard work yields phenomenal results:

Thousands accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour

Ev. Tamryn preaches the Gospel with clarity and passion, giving those in attendance an opportunity to receive the Lord as Saviour.

The personal details of those who do so are collected and material given that explains how to grow in their newfound relationship with Christ.

Pastors use these details to follow up every new convert, water baptising them and beginning the discipleship process. Churches explode with growth and fledgling believers grow strong in the Lord.

Demons are cast out and the sick healed

The sick and oppressed are prayed for in each service, testimonies quickly following of both miraculous healings and mighty deliverances. These stories spread far and wide. Witchcraft, idolatry and ancestral worship are abandoned and Jesus rules and reigns in the hearts of the people. New believers bring their idols and witchcraft fetishes to be destroyed. They are burned with great gusto.

Believers are inspired and empowered for soul-winning

During the crusades services, teachings are presented on the Holy Spirit and evangelism. Believers are prayed for to be baptised with the Holy Spirit and return home fired up to win their communities for Jesus.

The Body of Christ unites

The result of churches working together is that the Body of Christ is left wonderfully unified and ready to continue the good work started by the crusade.

Equipping Believers

We inspire and empower believers for power-packed evangelism through various broadcast, print and web-based initiatives. Visit our shop and resources section.

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Believers are most welcome to attend our Gospel Crusades. What a fantastic mission trip! Those who come are forever transformed.

Invitation Events

The evangelist is the servant of the pastor. Ev. Tamryn eagerly accepts invitations to minister at church and conference meetings around the world.


Tamryn is an evangelist and the founder of In His Name Ministries. She holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from the University of Johannesburg and resides in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband, André Britz. Tamryn was blessed with an upbringing in a godly family and received the Lord as Saviour at the age of five. It was during her law studies that she attended a crusade of Ev. Reinhard Bonnke of Christ for all Nations (CfaN) in Nigeria and the Lord revealed his calling for her life: crusade evangelism. Upon completing her degree, she spent a year working for CfaN before launching out under the banner of In His Name. Today, Tamryn labours with her team to win the lost and equip believers for soul-winning. Signs and wonders follow her preaching of the Word, with multitudes accepting Jesus as Saviour and the demon-possessed being liberated. When ministering to the Body of Christ, believers are set ablaze to evangelise through the power of the Holy Spirit.


In His Name is registered as a non-profit organisation in the United States, United Kingdom, Ethiopia and South Africa.

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