Abounding Love

In John 15:9 we read a verse that is pregnant with multiple exquisite truths: “As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love.” It is Jesus speaking here, our Lord, Saviour and Conquering King. Him loving us as the Father loves Him boggles the mind. God the Father and God the Son are intimately acquainted. In fact, they are so intimate that one can only just separate them from each other. They are separate but one. They are different yet eternally the same. This is how Jesus would love us: intimately, fully, deeply. He desires not merely to brush the surfaces of our hearts but to plunge their depths, captivating them in their entirety. Jesus tells us not only to accept His love but to abide in it. How do we abide? By remaining constantly aware of Him throughout the day and the love He has for us. We are beloved children of the Most High. Such is fact. Such is truth. We are to trust in His love – and thrive in it.

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